Reflections from the Heart – A Song for forgiveness Recorded in Nashville

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15 April 2021

A Poet on a Mission of Peace

– Verona Pentony: spiritual writer, songwriter, poet –

Verona Pentony is a poet with a purpose. Her mission is one of peace. Motivated, from an early age, by an ambition to meet people from all walks of life, her mission has taken her to many places and has achieved recognition and reciprocation in some far-flung quarters of the world.

A Song for Forgiveness (from her debut collection, Reflections from the Heart, part of the Reflections series – see below) has just been recorded in Nashville, Tennessee by singer, Katy Lynn Johnson:

Take the train to Forgiveness County;

Everyone has a heartache to mend.

Learning the lessons all of us must one day see.

Making the enemy into your friend.

“All Missions begin as thoughts, embryos of an idea that grow into a visualised result,” says Verona. For her, it began on 18 December 2003, when she received the guiding sign to promote World Peace and Forgiveness. Thus began her distribution of The White Rose of Peace Card during the Iraq War.

She was living in London at the time but upon return to Ireland, she began work on the Reflections series, resulting in two volumes of poetry – Reflections from the Heart, published in 2012, soon to be followed by Reflections of Time in 2014 – incorporating The White Rose of Peace Card theme within the books. Both titles have been through several reprints and are available to buy online, in print and e-book editions.

Verona’s poetry conveys passionately held ideals, rooted in Humanism, that promote healing through forgiveness as a pathway to reconciliation. An eloquent expression of this is felt in the poem, One Day – 

One day, our childhood instinct to reach out won’t have been ripped way and replaced with fear.

One day, we will remember without pain and have no need to spread the blame.

The complete composition is published on Verona’s website, where other important news and updates about her writing and other activities are posted periodically.



By Verona Pentony

Verona Pentony is a native of North Co Dublin, Ireland. Her career has span across Ireland & UK. in Hotel Management with Groups including Fitzpatricks, Sheraton and Marriott Hotels. Her life dream "To meet people from all walks of life". Due to life challenges crossing her path she changed direction in 2005. Her resilient nature shined through and now looking back with a positive attitude she would say "All was beneficial, having gained valuable experience through the Cleaning Industry Managing areas: Training, Health & Safety and Compliance. Verona's keen interest in all aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility led to her present role since 2017. Publishing her own collection in 2012 Reflections from the Heart and 2014 Reflections of Time as well as other works themed on historical events including 1916, land commission 1940 and Ireland's North. Her passionate ideals in Humanism and her belief that through creating Unity of all peoples Worldwide. Healing through forgiveness creates a pathway to reconciliation. Her thinking is embedded in her Poem One Day, a vision of a Peaceful World.

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