The Mission of Peace, Verona

The Mission of Peace, Verona

We all have a Mission at some time in our lives, all Missions begin as thoughts, embryos of an idea that grow into a visualised results.  On the path to our goal, lie the rocks of indecision and the boulders of resistance.  Beyond these the visualised Mission awaits us, because of our rugged determination to succeed.  All obstacles are surmounted and a positive result achieved.

I believe in the Mission that I have in front of me, my path is not only strewn with obstacles but Mountains that have to be scaled.  I shall not be thwarted by any of these things.  My faith in God and the enormous benefits this Mission will produce for mankind are unshakable.

I have seen so much wickedness in the World, not through Color, Creed or Domination, but through power and greed, envy and lack of empathy for one’s fellowmen.

I ask you please if you share my dream, which is to right some of these wrongs and to form a Mission where help and healing are available and where Unity and World Peace are the base of its birth.

Thread this path with me, let us reach that goal.

God will provide all for the pure in heart.  


When Verona received a guiding sign on the 18th December 2003 to promote World Peace and Forgiveness.  She commenced her journey on the Mission of  Peace.  Through her distribution of “The White Rose of Peace Card” during the Iraq War when based in London.

To deliver the vision request, on 16th January 2004, Verona The Angel of Mercy was incorporate in Watford, UK.  Sadly due to life challenges, lack of support and donations it was later dissolved.

Returning to Ireland Verona wrote the Reflections Series –Reflections from the Heart and Reflections of Time incorporating the The White Rose of Peace Card theme within the books.

Verona recited her poetry as opportunity came her way – Kilmainham Goal, The Mansion House, Dublin, Peoples Corner, Hyde Park, London, St James Street Dublin, Trim, Kells, The National Ploughing Championships. Listowel Writers Week Seanchai.  The Amal Association – International Womens Day 2020.

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By Verona Pentony

Verona Pentony is a poet with a purpose. Her mission is one of peace. Motivated, from an early age, by an ambition to meet people from all walks of life, her mission has taken her to many places and has achieved recognition and reciprocation in some far-flung quarters of the world. A Song for Forgiveness (from her debut collection, Reflections from the Heart, part of the Reflections series) was recorded in Nashville in July 2021, Tennessee by singer, Katy Lynn Johnson: Take the train to Forgiveness County; Everyone has a heartache to mend. Learning the lessons all of us must one day see. Making the enemy into your friend. “All Missions begin as thoughts, embryos of an idea that grow into a visualised result,” says Verona. For her, it began on 18 December 2003, when she received the guiding sign to promote World Peace and Forgiveness. Thus began her distribution of The White Rose of Peace Card during the Iraq War.

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